Not only is Rachel super fun- she will push you every time in training to give you the body you want. She works as hard as her clients and it’s inspirational
— Isabel Leonard | Grammy Award Winning Opera Singer
Rachel knows how to prep my body for professional campaigns and photo shoots. Being a formal model herself she personally knows the pressures I am under to not just look my best but to feel my best and trains me in the most healthy manner. She truly is the best trainer I have ever worked with.
— Anna Marie Costello, Miss Oklahoma, NYC Model
Rachel is one of the hardest working, most dedicated trainers I have ever encountered. Her commitment to her clients on a mental, physical and spiritual level is unsurpassed in my experience. She is my first choice in recommending trainers to top clients, especially women in the spotlight. I believe that her holistic approach to wellness and passion for female empowerment will make her an unrivaled force in the fitness industry. On a personal level, she transformed my figure and motivated me to change my lifestyle to get my body back in top shape. Her philosophy is simple: How you feel on the inside will reflect your outer self. Always take care of your heart.
— Rebecca Fay, Photographer/Opera singer