The Fitness Duchess Lifestyle Balance:

The balance is your Health ,Emotions, Harmony and Spirituality.. Go to the gym, but what rule says that you have to go 7 days a week.

The whole entire idea that you need to stop enjoying life isn't a healthy balance. The Fitness Duchess lifestyle leads a woman into finding her strength and beauty by equaling out all aspects. Go out and enjoy that wonderful cocktail with gfs, but don't do it every night. Go to the gym, but what rule does it say you have to go every 7 days a week.

Always Reflect: Reflection is the key to balance
  • Am I losing balance? When do I feel the most unhappy? When do binge on unhealthy food? Is it after a bad day of work?


The Fitness Duchess Technique & Experience

All goals are different and modified for clients' goals

Specializes in long lean muscle training
  • High Cardio
  • Elongating Muscle, light weight/high reps
  • High Intensity Training
  • Kickboxing
  • Meal plan guideline prep